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Tourism Agriculture Loan

Tourism Agriculture Loan

Tourism Development Saving & Credit Cooperative Ltd. with great pleasure announces the introduction of Tourism Agriculture loan as its new loan product to its valued members. Considering the fact that the development of agriculture sector plays an important role in the development of nation as  well as Tourism industry it is a predominant contributor of Nepalese Economy, TDSCC is committed to provide assistance to its member in their endeavor of earning a living in agriculture sector.
In this scenario, TDSCCL welcome grower farmers, Agro tourism entrepreneurs, processors, Marketers to take the advantage of our prioritized credit service. We are committed to be your business to commercial scale and diversifying your agricultural practices.
•    Competitive Interest rates
•    Easy processing procedures and documentation
•    Maximum Lending up to NRs 2 Million
•    Proper guidance from our relationship and credit officers
•    Service charge :- only 1 % of the loan amount
•    Individual- Nepali citizen
•    Minimum two years of working experience in the agricultural sector

Documents Required:
•    Loan application firm duly filled and signed in standard format of the cooperative
•     Photocopy of citizenship certificate of borrower & guarantor/security holder
•    Name and details of the family members of the borrower
•    Current account maintained in the cooperative in the name of the borrower
•    Photocopy of land ownership certificate
•    Original blue print of the land
•     Photocopy of Four Boundary Disclosure (Char Killa) from ward office of the land/building to be placed as collateral.
•    Photocopy of latest land revenue receipt (Malpot Receipt)
•    Other documents stipulated by the cooperative from time to time.
•    Details of the planning of the agricultural project/venture to be started.